My profile

Born 1961

Studied Economics, specialising in Finance and Auditing
at Wuppertal University, Germany

Certified Interim Executive
European Business School (EBS), Oestrich-Winkel, Germany

Without its finance department, a company cannot be properly man­aged, cannot internationalise its business effectively, and cannot digi­tise its business processes. This interplay has always been a source of fascination for me. I also have extensive international finance experi­ence:

  • Carve-out and development of an international corporate finance func­tion in Amsterdam and Dublin for an international IT service provider. Tasks: Development of the monthly reporting system, organisation of the group’s annual financial statements (including selection of an audi­tor), budget preparation.
  • CFO of an international manufacturing group headquartered in Switzerland. Tasks: Development of group and divisional finance func­tions, development of the reporting function within a division, intensive contact with managers in the national subsidiaries worldwide.
  • Transnational M&A projects: Active support for management and shareholders throughout the process, control and coordination of pro­cesses on the seller side.
  • CFO of a manufacturing company following acquisition by a PE investor.
  • Management of a corporate demerger in the tourism industry.

Since 2010, I have worked independently as a CFO, as a consultant to business owners, managers and investors, and as an advisory board member – always with a dogged determination to help businesses get more out of their finance set-up than currently seems possible. I have deliberately chosen not to list all of my previous roles and qualifications here.